The Getbye is a four piece located in Orlando, FL. Our style of music is a mix of Indie, Folk, and a little something we like to call Gypsy-Love. It comes together for a high-energy on-stage musical performance. The main musical influences for the band are Issac Brock and his band Modest Mouse, Guster, and the man in black, Johnny Cash.

The front man for the group is Koal, who plays electric and acoustic guitar and lead vocals. Then there is Skitch, he provides an abundance of energy while producing rooty- beats behind his half-moon of hand percussion instruments. Finally there is Davy. He allows The Getbye to produce songs across a wide spectrum of genres, as he plays a plethora of instruments. Including but not limited to the cello, accordion, trumpet, trombone, drums, guitar, flute and also vocals. Sometimes he plays numerous instruments per song while also performing vocals.

The Getbye has been performing live music in Orlando for over 5 years. The Getbye believes in being true to their roots and following their mantra of Love-Music-Peace.

Kyle Smith (Koal) lead guitar/vocals

Koal's love of music started at an early age and was firmly planted in the root sounds of the experimental 60's. His love of guitar and writing further transcended to an alternative ideology of love and peace. After teaming up with his kid brother and friends 'The Getbye' was forged. It has since been a long but light filled journey for the lead signer and rhythm guitarist, with member losses, additions and everything in between. When Koal is neither writing nor playing music, he can be found peacefully enjoying time on his city farm with his two beautiful girls Whitni and Kristin, his two dogs Bones and Spirit and his beloved pot bellied pig Eleanor Pigsby. Koal also enjoys punctuality, creeping on Davy Skitch, Tucker and blatantly disobeying Mitch the manager! Love-Music-Peace

David Pendry (Davy)- Vocals, Drums, Accordion, Trombone, Trumpet, Cello, Flute, Bird Whistle, Keyboard

Davy vanity pea pea was born to singer song writers George & Rika Pendry but was shortly separated at a young age to a traveling pack of Swedish carnies in the heat filled summer of 1999. He was breast fed by numerous pack elders and shown the way of a true gypsy. After countless years on the road performing, Davy had a yearning for greatness. He was later found by Koal nestled amongst a flock of woolly sheep, tired dirty and hungry. After hearing Koal play his guitar one night on the farm, Davy appeared from the darkness holding an accordion, trumpet and cello in hand(s). From that point on Davy has been an instrumental player in the sounds that make up 'The Getbye'. When Davy isn't playing four instruments at once he can be found leisurely enjoying himself with his lover. Davy is also currently perusing a degree in the arts of tantric massage and yodeling. *Davy has since been reunited with his family*

Alex Taylor (Skitch) - Hand Percussion, Chants

Skitch is from Sarasota Fl. He was inspired to play hand percussion from watching Guster. He tries to bring a lot of energy and emotion to his playing style. Which consists of rooty beats and random hollers. In the future he'd like to either be the president or a traveling vagabond. He has yet to decide between the two.

Patrick Jude (Tucker)- Bass Guitar

Tucker was born in Orlando to an Irish immigrant. He began playing music at the age of 12 and found love in both the bass and guitar. When Tuck isn't tickling his guitars he can usually be found combing his mullet at a local show. As the newest member of The Getbye, he looks forward to exemplifying the mantra of Love, Peace, Music with this wild bunch of gypsies.

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